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Running Man - Episode 6

Location: Nam San (Seoul) Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Guests: Kim Shin Young, Son Dam Bi, and Se7en


Child Team- Haha, Song Joong Ki, Kim Jong Kook, Gary, and Kim Shin Young

Adult Team- Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Gwang Soo, Son Dam Bi, and Se7en

First Mission: Go up to Nam San Tower and find the Running Man to earn a Running Ball. At the end of the night, the Running Balls will be put into the lottery wheel and which ever team’s ball comes out will be allowed to leave and the other team will be punished.

  • The Adult team chooses to walk the stairs up to Nam San, the Child team takes the bus.
  • The Running Man was found by Kim Jong Kook and Song Joong Ki, thus earning a Running Ball for the Child team.
Second Mission: Bucket race. One member from each team has buckets taped to the bottom of their shoes. The two racing members must pass the obstacles, pick up the Nam San Tower figure and cross the finish line.
  • Haha defeats Lee Gwang Soo.
  • Son Dam Bi defeats Kim Shin Young.
  • Se7en defeats Song Joong Ki.
  • The Adult team earns a Running Ball.
Third Mission: Find the hidden Running Ball after finding the hints. The hints are hidden beneath two name tags from members of the opposite team. Having your name tag ripped off does not cause an elimination.
  • Son Dam Bi and Yoo Jae Suk wear the hints for the Adult team.
  • Haha and Kim Shin Young wear the hints for the Child team.
  • Son Dam Bi rips off her own tag and gives it to Ji Suk Jin.
  • Song Joong Ki rips off Yoo Jae Suk’s name tag. However, since he ripped off the entire tag instead of just the top portion he did not realize that the hint was there. Yoo Jae Suk took his name tag back.
  • Song Joong Ki rips off Lee Gwang Soo’s name tag.
  • After giving Son Dam Bi her name tag back, Ji Suk Jin takes it again.
  • Gary steals Son Dam Bi’s name tag from Ji Suk Jin.
  • Ji Suk Jin finds one of the walkie talkies from the Child team.
  • Lee Gwang Soo takes Haha’s name tag.
  • The Adult team over hear the second hint on the walkie talkie that they found.
  • The Adult team finds their second hint in the love tiles.
  • The Child team finds their second hint in the love locks.
  • Song Joong Ki finds the Running Ball.
  • Yoo Jae Suk is referred to as Yooruce Willis for the first time.
Fourth Mission: A relaxing cup of tea. Each team member must choose two numbers. The number matches up with a scooping device. One of the scoops is what amount of coffee they will have in their cup, the other is for sugar. They must mix a cup of coffee with those proportions. Each team must finish their cups of coffee one after the other. Which ever team finishes their drinks faster wins a Running Ball.
  • The Child team finishes their drinks in 49 seconds.
  • The Adult team finishes their drinks in 38 seconds, winning a Running Ball.
Fifth Mission: United badminton. Each team will have their hands taped together. The two teams must then face each other in a badminton match. Which ever team scores five points first wins.
  • The Adult team scores the first point.
  • The Child team scores the next three points.
  • The Adult team scores the next point.
  • It is then shown that the Adult team has four points and the Child team has three points.
  • The Child team scores the next two points to win the match.
  • In the following game, the Adult team scores the first point.
  • It is then shown that each team has two points.
  • The Adult team scores the next three points, earning a Running Ball.
  • Haha is referred to as Ace Haha.
At the end of the night, the Child team earned two Running Balls and the Adult team earned three Running Balls. After putting them into the lottery wheel, one of the balls belonging to the Child team got chosen, allowing them to go home. The punishment for the Adult team was to have the Child team paint their faces. The Adult team then had to take the bus home.

*Song Ji Hyo does not appear in this episode.

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