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This is for everyone who can't remember the first time Yoo Hyuk made an appearance, what episodes there are Monday Couple moments, or if you just simply love Running Man

Anonymous asked: What is the episode when jihyo was holding on to jong kooks leg. I think they were wearing animal costumes

Episodes 66 and 141 had the members wearing animal costumes, but I do not recall the scene you had asked about. Does anyone know?

Anonymous asked: what are the episodes does kwang soo wakes up?

Wake up as in Wake up mission? Refer to this list of episodes where they had overnight filming on the show!

Anonymous asked: what episode when RM have to find the vote paper, and then they have to vote for 'who's gonna be the king' ? and the last two person is YJS and SJH, and the winner is SJH. thanks.. btw.. you guys are really doing great with this encyclopedy

Episode 124. And thank you! ^.^

Anonymous asked: Hello! I need help. At the end of the Tru-Gary show, why Gary walk crippled and then he walk normally again?

It is the Usual Suspects parody! I am unsure of the storyline myself, but I think it was about a guy who cheated his way out of arrest by pretending to be a cripple. Would someone who has watched the show clarify this? -Val

Anonymous asked: Are episodes 38, 91, and 140 the only episodes featuring Yooames Bond?

That’s right!


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Anonymous asked: what episode when yoo jae suk was in the yellow team and ji suk jin was in the red team and they had to race each other while carrying other people. and yoo jae suk climb on ji suk jin back without him knowing.

Episode 117.

Anonymous asked: KJK SJH HAHA in one team

The 3 have only been together in one team along with the other members (for One Chance Missions, Find The Guest Missions, Olympics Episodes).

They have never been in a team by themselves.

It was clarified that the 3 had indeed been in the same team on Episode 92. Thanks to the anon who pointed it out! ♥

Anonymous asked: which episode was the one where they had to walk barefoot and carry their partner on the back?

Episode 80.

Anonymous asked: hi.. do you know what ep is the sit up rally between jongkook n kids?..i dont remember either have guest in the group the shirt look green to me gary wear short.. thnak you =)

Episode 150 (Avengers Episode).