Running Man Encyclopedia

This is for everyone who can't remember the first time Yoo Hyuk made an appearance, what episodes there are Monday Couple moments, or if you just simply love Running Man

Anonymous asked: what episode that song ji hyo, kim jong kook and yoo jaesuk are on the same team ?

I don’t recall any episodes with the 3 of them on the same team except for One Chance and Find The Guest missions.

thedotaguy asked: Which episodes did Song Ji Hyo call Kim Jong Kook hyung?

I can’t remember this one other than episode 4. Did anyone notice the other episodes?

Anonymous asked: Hi there! Do you know which episode was it that Jihyo and Jongkook were on the same team of 4 or 3, and that there was a race where the males have to carry Jihyo and Jongkook carried her with one hand like a purse or a shoulder bag and collapses right after? They were wearing red jackets, if I'm not wrong. Thank you in advance! :)

Episode 127.

Anonymous asked: which episode where kjk jsj and kg played with the steam bun machine in the supermarket?

Episode 118.

masjoey asked: Did you know the bgm when gary speak to ji hyo at ep 16 (10:50-10:59) or when gary whisper to ji hyo at ep 26 (28:03-28:09)? Please reply this question :')

As answered previously. Sorry!

Anonymous asked: Did you know the title of bgm when gary whisper to ji hyo at ep 26 (28:01-28:09)? Please reply this question

I’m not able to find this one although I do know it was often used when Gary makes a Monday Couple content in the earlier episodes.

Anonymous asked: Do you think they gonna make another Yoomes Bond episode?

Jae Suk himself has the most number of episodes making him the main character, so I’m not sure if they would come up with another Yoomes Bond episode. Hopefully they do? I enjoy those episodes xD

Anonymous asked: ep where song ji hyo is the main character?

I think Episode 62 is the only episode that made her the main character.

Anonymous asked: Episodes which have cute jihyo moments

Episode 25 (Puppet costume), 28 (Singing Tears), 29 (Profile creating) 38 (Sparkling shoes), 43 (With Haha), 175 (Beauty crime), 189 (Arrival in Melbourne). I think these were pretty cute!

Anonymous asked: What is the episode when kwang soo is acting a patient and the rest of the members are acting as doctors treating him

Episode 38.