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This is for everyone who can't remember the first time Yoo Hyuk made an appearance, what episodes there are Monday Couple moments, or if you just simply love Running Man

Anonymous asked: Do you know which episode when the running man members where using water guns against the guests who are wearing black suits?

Episode 120 or episode 96? I think you’re looking for episode 96


Anonymous asked: Hi,can you lists the episodes where Ji Suk Jin,Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo are in the same team? I like it when the three of them are together,its funny and cute =),Thank You.

Hi! You can find information about teams on our list tab which is here. I think you can find that specific pairing over here

Anonymous asked: hello what eps that running man's members need to choose their own partner? hee tq in advance!

There are way too many episodes where they choose their partners. Can you be a little more specific? (:


we-are-gonna-stand-and-fight asked: hi!!! do you remember which episode featured the first psychic powers??? please?

Episode 74.


Anonymous asked: Yah~~ I really want Eunhye to come on running man and see how KJK will react, Dont you? :)

imageUh Yes.


Anonymous asked: In the picture you reblogged with "happy four years running man 2010-2014" what episode is it when they're all dressed fancy drinking wine, where the word "man" is on the picture

Episode 126 with Choi Ji Woo at the very beginning :)

Anonymous asked: hello i hope u'll answer my questions. hihi what eps that they played sherlock holmes? and the latest eps of RM? haha bcs im student and live in hostel.

Sherlock Holmes episode is 79 and they did a recent sherlock holmes episode 196. The most recent episode to this day is episode 204 with a Snow White theme.


Anonymous asked: Hello, may i know the song that was playing in ep202 around 8:57? Thank you!

Phanton- Seoul Lonely


Anonymous asked: episode where lee kwang soo ripped Name tag Jong kook's?

Episode 132 is all that comes to mind? Anyone know? 


Anonymous asked: wich episode was when gary stod up to ji hyo because of some mission to get slapt or something?? (if you get slapt = you can't get the punishment) i don't know it was something like that ._.

Running Man ep 133?