Running Man Encyclopedia

This is for everyone who can't remember the first time Yoo Hyuk made an appearance, what episodes there are Monday Couple moments, or if you just simply love Running Man

Anonymous asked: Do you think Park Min-Young will ever come to running man?

Never say never! I haven’t seen her on variety before, but if she has a drama or movie to promote I think there’s a chance she could guest.

Anonymous asked: When did Gary say he is going to leave Running Man? and what was the reason? Thanks!

Episode 114 is when he apologizes for saying he was going to leave. He and Gil both announced that they were going to pull out of all variety show activities due to some criticism towards their company.  

Anonymous asked: what episode they have tug of war

Episodes 8, 96, 133, 147, and 169. 

Anonymous asked: What is the episode where Ji Suk Jin acted cute as Yoo Jae Suk's sunflower and then Taeyang's song Look at me played

Check out this tag.

mariposalatina asked: On ep. 105 they mention that the monday couple had broken up. What episode did they day "break up"?

Song Ji Hyo’s relationship was announced during episode 82 which led to the break up of the Monday Couple.

Anonymous asked: Do you know the name of the couple pose in episode 192? Regarding the lack luster episode, usually two part episodes are either hit or miss.

I tried looking up the name of the pose and I got a lot of NSFW results haha. Does anyone know the name of it? Personally I’ve enjoyed the most recent episodes. I think they are doing a decent job of giving everyone screentime despite the amount of guests present. - Beth

Anonymous asked: what are the episode/s where they rip nametags in SBS?

Check out this list.

Anonymous asked: Did your bias ever change since you began watching RM?

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had a strong bias amongst the members since I love them all equally. I will say that my love has grown for each member as we’ve gotten to learn more of their charms over the past few years. - Beth

Anonymous asked: If RM would come to your country, what place would you recommand them to go to?

Since I live in the United States, I would really love it if they came to my hometown of course (Detroit), but I think Chicago, and someplace in California would be nice (maybe San Francisco?). I would also love them to go to Orlando so they could have a Walt Disney World episode. - Beth

Anonymous asked: hi, may i know episode that have wood chopping

Episodes 124 and 184.