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This is for everyone who can't remember the first time Yoo Hyuk made an appearance, what episodes there are Monday Couple moments, or if you just simply love Running Man

Anonymous asked: Which episode did they go to the zoo?

In Episode 141, they went to the zoo with Eun Ji Won and SNSD’s Jessica. They also went to the zoo in episode 73 in Hong Kong and went on a zoo/safari trip in episode 200 in the second half of the episode (the Asia Cup episode with Park Ji Sung)

Anonymous asked: Which episode does the flashback was shown in ep. 177 when Jihyo & Gary were on the phone belong to? Thank you. This is insanely helpful when wanting to rewatch old episodes

d’aww thanks :) 

the episode you’re talking about is Episode 74; it was a Christmas episode and the first Superpowers Race

Anonymous asked: Episodes where they stay in a little room and they play a music and when thw whistle blows they have to get out, this game was in the latest episode 205, hope u can understand my english...

the only other episode that comes to mind is episode 159. 

does anyone else remember any others?

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you know what Running Man episode is when Yoo Jae Suk used his VJ to hold the door for him whenever Jong Kook is coming after him? I remembered that he has to film himself alone because of that. I think they are looking for VHS Tapes in the SBS building.

Episode 13! The first (if I’m not mistaken) successful Yooruce Willis-type mission; Yoo Jae Suk earned that title in this episode.

- Koko

Anonymous asked: hi i just wanna help, there is someone asked ''which episodes involve the members at a different locations and they have to get 30 signatures and etc'' on ep 37 where park hye jin was the guest, they give them a mission to get 30 signatures i hope it helps

Thank you!!!

Anonymous asked: What ep did Jong Sook made her first appearance? Thanks!

I think Lee Jong Suk made his first appearance in episode 138. He also was a guest in episode 181.

- Koko

EDIT: As it turns out, I might have been wrong with answering the question. Jong Sook (the female Kim Jong Kook) first appeared in episode 181. (S)He also appeared in episode 186. Check out episode 7 when the cast dressed up as ballerinas (Kim Jong Kook with a wig).

Anonymous asked: Are there any episodes when RM vs guest like Shinwa & Big Bang?

Big Bang: Episode 84 & 85

Episode with only some of the Big Bang members: 30 (w/ Seungri), 35 & 36 (w/ Daesung), 156 (w/ Taeyang only on one mission), 163 (w/ Daesung, G-Dragon, & Seungri), 170 (w/ T.O.P), and 190 (w/ Seungri)

Shinhwa: Episode 161

I don’t think Shinhwa members were guests in any other episodes.

This might be incomplete (or wrong) so this list is not perfect. Please help out if you guys have any corrections!

- Koko

Anonymous asked: Which episodes involve the members at different locations and they have to get 30 or so signatures, and the one where they are in a booth hiding and people have to press their button to get a signature from them?

They were giving 30 autographs for a mission in episode 106. They were hiding in a booth to give out 5 (instead of 30 because the booths weren’t working out) autographs in episode 165.

Anonymous asked: ep 127, on the beach when they're giving piggyback rides to the girls of the opposite team, jongkook was carrying jihyo last but she survived. at one point, he tried to drag her(?) it seemed but then they both fell down. do you have any speculations to what she did so they both fell down?

Song Ji Hyo was probably being so annoying to Kim Jong Kook (like the pinching) that he let go of her. He also probably lost grip. There was also one time he tried to carry her over the shoulder but she tripped him and they both fell. I guess Song Ji Hyo was successful at stalling for her team to win the mission.

- Koko

Anonymous asked: first yoomes band? like the water gun...

Episode 38! Technically this episode started the spy missions; it was the very first one! Also, this started the series of Yoomes Bond special.

- Koko