Running Man Encyclopedia

This is for everyone who can't remember the first time Yoo Hyuk made an appearance, what episodes there are Monday Couple moments, or if you just simply love Running Man

xcathyxlikexwowx asked: hey. i just wanted to let you know that people can watch RM on runmanclub (dotnet) they have raw (no sub), chinese sub, and english sub. :) its where i watch it all the time.


Anonymous asked: You can watch Running Man on hanbeat (dotcom)

Thanks, kind Anon!

lanabananakpoplover asked: Sorry but do you know where I can watch ep 108 with Gong Hyo Jin? Because I usually watch rm on YouTube or on kshowonline but when I click on the dailymotion part of the ep on kshowonline, it says no video is specified.. I watch on my phone btw.

I don’t know if this will work on your phone but, dramafever has Ep. 108 listed as Ep 19. If you can’t access the site on your phone, maybe try their app?

Anybody else want to share where they get their RM fix?

EDIT: Try watching on Server VIP

Anonymous asked: What episode when Ji Hyo, HaHa and Gaeko are on the same team?

That would be Ep. 86. :)

Anonymous asked: What episode when Ji Hyo was rolling down a hill then Gary rushed in to protect Ji Hyo?

Episode 167 with Kim Min Jung

Anonymous asked: What episode when the male members have to choose a team between the female guest and Ji Hyo by going to their house??

Episode 127- The Snake Race

Anonymous asked: What episode when they were wearing helmets? And I remember Ji Hyo unlocked Gary's helmet with her key.

Episode 169- The Helmet Race!

Anonymous asked: what episode when an ahjussi gave Gary and ji hyo extra oranges because he's a fan of Ji hyo's

Episode 174 with Lee Seunggi, Bora, and Han Hyejin

Anonymous asked: What episode when Gary had a 'face surgery' because he wasn't present so someone sub in his place? Sorry if that doesn't make sense

Episode 107, they subbed in Gaeko from Dynamic Duo for Gary

Anonymous asked: What episode did the Monday Couple first shared a coffee together? Its when two teams are going around the museum to take a picture of a portrait to bring back for them to draw?

Episode 10 (: